Taking the Plunge

If you have lived in Texas for any length of time, you are likely aware that a) the temperature can get downright hot from May through October, and b) the less clothing you wear while outdoors in that heat, the cooler you will feel.  It would seem to make sense that the fewer clothes you have to wear, the better.

Many Texans have lived through times of drought.  At times when we’re all trying to conserve water, going nude rather than clothed helps reduce one’s dependence on water to do the laundry.

It turns out that a lot of folks here in Texas have adjusted their lifestyles accordingly, and figured out that they can do without clothes for most things they do.

Not only that, but they’ve also discovered their neighbors were either making, or had made, the same lifestyle adjustments. Yup, there are other Texans out there who also prefer to go without …when it makes sense to do so.

There are social groups to be part of, nudist resorts to join, swimming holes to visit, and plenty of other activities that you can do… while you’re not wearing clothes.

If this sort of thing interests you, this site is here to help connect you with other Texans who are also into being “nude” together socially.  Who knows?  You may later decide that all that money you’ve been spending keeping that closet full of clothes might be better spent on other things.